Delivering Risk

Caroline McDonald


March 1, 2017

restaurant delivery risk

As restaurant deliveries become more popular—now estimated at 1% of U.S. gross domestic product by the Restaurant Marketing & Delivery Association—so do the accompanying risks. Failure to identify and address those risks can expose workers to injury and may leave a restaurant owner with liability issues, according to Marsh’s report Restaurant Delivery Services Carry Distinct Risks.

The top risk for delivery workers is driving, which also makes up nearly half of on-the-job deaths across all industries, followed by slips and falls. Other risks regularly faced by delivery workers include hazards posed by uneven walkways, damaged steps, sprinkler heads hidden by grass, loose pets, and poor or no lighting, Marsh said. Because delivery workers can also be targets for thieves, restaurants are advised to require electronic-only payments or limit the amount of cash carried by employees.

In addition, the job classification of delivery workers poses a growing risk to business owners as incorrect classification could leave a company exposed to costly wage and hour liability risks.