Businesses Face Data Privacy Compliance Struggles

Jennifer Post


October 2, 2023

With more U.S. states enacting comprehensive data privacy laws and the European Union launching an increasing number of GDPR investigations, data privacy compliance is a more complex and pressing challenge than ever. According to Womble Bond Dickinson’s 2023 Global Data Privacy Law Survey Report, about 50% of U.S. and U.K. organizations say they are “very prepared” to address privacy laws in both the United States and Europe, yet only 34% have conducted data mapping to understand their organization’s data practices. In addition, many U.S. companies have not yet implemented measures to comply with state laws. For example, only 42% have compared state privacy law frameworks, 41% have updated their privacy policies, and 41% have developed systems to process and respond to data privacy rights requests. U.S. organizations reported their top compliance challenges are: tracking the status of legislation (59%), lacking available staff to address compliance (42%), obtaining management approval and support to prioritize changes (30%), and lacking an appointed compliance leader (21%).

Jennifer Post is an editor at Risk Management.