COVID Prompts Greater Focus on Security

Adam Jacobson


April 1, 2021

In Brivo’s Smart Security Trends Report 2021, 75% of security and facility managers said the pandemic increased the importance of physical security. Most respondents were eyeing new or updated technology to address these concerns. A majority (60%) planned to invest in upgrading their cloud solutions either immediately or in the future, and 26% stressed the need for “technology to enforce contact tracing, social distancing, and healthy building-standard compliance requirements.”

The need for remote access during the pandemic also contributed to these priorities, and 30% of respondents admitted that they did not have centralized security controls and struggled to manage their organization’s day-to-day security needs while staff worked from home. Of the barriers to adopting new physical security technology, 46% of respondents cited “lack of budget,” while 21% said “lack of alignment between security and other departments” and 12% said “lack of understanding of currently available solutions.”

Adam Jacobson is associate editor of Risk Management.