Darin McMullen

Darin J. McMullen is an attorney in the Philadelphia office of Anderson Kill. His policyholder-only practice spans many areas of insurance recovery and he has represented many corporate policyholders in litigation throughout the United States. He also has a broad commercial and employment litigation background as well as providing clients with employment advice.

Articles By Author

Matching Your EPLI to Your Actual Employment Risks

November 3, 2015

Companies need to understand the nature of employment practices liability insurance and how it applies to emerging trends in employment litigation.

Effectively Managing Social Media Risks

October 2, 2013

Whether your business aggressively uses social media to reach potential or existing customers, or simply maintains a minimal presence, these platforms can trigger a wide variety of risks to your organization.

Buying the Right Employment Practices Liability Insurance Policy

November 1, 2011

As the economy struggles to rebound from recession, employment-related lawsuits are rising at an alarming rate.

The ABCs of Employment Practices Liability Insurance Coverage

November 1, 2010

To insulate themselves from legal damage, policyholders must understand EPLI basics.