Matthew Shinkman

Matt Shinkman is the audit and risk practice vice president at Gartner.

Articles By Author

Helping Leaders Make Risk-Informed Decisions

February 1, 2022

After rushed pandemic decision-making, ERM must help restore risk-informed processes.

How Risk Management Can Enable Growth

November 1, 2017

ERM allows risk managers to demonstrate their strategic value for their organizations.

Three Easy Ways to Communicate Risk

August 1, 2016

Proper communication and training are critical to improve employee risk awareness.

Establishing an Appropriate Risk Culture

August 1, 2014

One of the keys to an effective ERM program is getting everyone to think like a risk manager.

Three Keys to ERM Training

May 1, 2014

To keep employees engaged, ERM training programs need to be interactive, practical and personal.

Improving ERM’s Strategic Value

September 1, 2013

By helping organizations make strategic decisions faster, ERM programs can demonstrate their value.