Ted Tafaro

Edward A. (Ted) Tafaro is president and CEO of Mahwah, New Jersey-based Exceptional Risk Advisors, LLC.

Articles By Author

Avoiding a World Cup Red Card

June 1, 2014

With soccer’s biggest event kicking off in Brazil this month, protecting and insuring the massive influx of fans has become a priority.

The Sounds of Silence

November 1, 2013

When a pop singer like Adele or Lady Gaga is injured and can’t perform, simply cancelling a multi-million dollar tour is not an option.

Break a Leg: The Risks of Moviemaking

March 27, 2013

Filmmaking is exciting and lucrative, but unique risks lie beneath the glitz and glamour. Death, injury, weather and crooked financiers are just a few.

Chopped Chef

August 1, 2012

Celebrity chefs have become big business. Not having adequate disability insurance can be a recipe for disaster.