Dante Disparte

Dante A. Disparte is founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative, based in Washington, D.C., and co-author of the book Global Risk Agility and Decision Making.

Articles By Author

Looking Ahead: The 2019 Risk Landscape

December 26, 2018

An evolving list of non-conforming, interconnected and complex risks will challenge the resilience of organizations in 2019 and beyond.

Pale, Stale & Male: Does Board Diversity Matter?

September 4, 2018

A contributing factor behind many recent corporate scandals may be the lack of diversity and, in turn, limited perspective of a company’s board of directors.

Hard Market on the Horizon

December 6, 2017

A costly year for man-made and natural catastrophe losses, coupled with other complex risks, may result in a substantial hardening of insurance rates and terms into 2018 and beyond.

The Quest for Global Risk Agility

February 20, 2017

Rather than making risk an object to be feared, agile decision makers need to make risk an object to be understood and properly harnessed.

Learning Cyber Insurance Lessons from Life Insurance Underwriting

February 13, 2017

To thoroughly evaluate the cyberrisk and resiliency of an organization, a thorough check up must be performed.

The Cost of Complexity

December 12, 2016

Unnecessary organizational complexity often results in friction that creates missed business opportunities, reduced consumer satisfaction and slower economic growth.

The Rise of Economic Nationalism

May 2, 2016

With developing nations pushing to reappropriate local assets, businesses face an increasingly unstable international investment climate.

Understanding Social Risk Insurance

December 1, 2015

Effective social and political risk analysis can help companies develop better, more proactive insurance strategies.

Going Beyond the Headlines with Global Risk Management

February 13, 2015

Despite an ongoing economic recovery in the United States and around the world, countries like Brazil, Thailand and Kenya are experiencing heightened levels of risk

Replacing a Broken Model

September 1, 2013

Traditional ways of managing risk are becoming obsolete in today’s fast-moving business world.