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Fighting Cyber Insurance Denials Over the “Human Factor”

May 14, 2024

Despite frequent arguments from insurance companies, policyholders should know that the “human factor” does not preclude cyber insurance coverage.

10 Tips for Developing an Effective ERM Program

May 2, 2024

These tips—compiled from decades of challenges faced and lessons learned in risk management—can help organizations create a successful ERM program.

The Importance of Document Retention and Litigation Hold Orders

April 25, 2024

To prevent sanctions or other issues during litigation, it is crucial for organizations to develop and implement a record retention and litigation readiness policy.

10 Geopolitical Risks Your Organization Needs to Prepare for This Year

April 16, 2024

From national elections and misinformation to cybersecurity and AI implementation, these are the top geopolitical risks to monitor and mitigate for the rest of 2024.

Using Parametric Insurance to Mitigate Earthquake Risk

April 9, 2024

The latest National Seismic Hazard Model shows higher earthquake risk in key regions than previously believed, leaving many businesses unknowingly exposed.

Protecting Against Social Media Copyright Infringement Claims

April 4, 2024

Re-sharing social media content without its creator’s permission can expose organizations to significant legal liability.

Conducting Effective Third-Party Risk Management

April 2, 2024

Financial institutions need to develop a plan to mitigate risks associated with third-party vendors to better protect customers, data and their bottom lines.

The Impact of AI on Insurance Underwriting

March 26, 2024

Insurers and risk professionals need to take steps to ensure that the use of AI technology in the underwriting process does not introduce unintended risks.

Balancing Workplace Safety with Employment Protections for Cannabis Use

March 21, 2024

Employers must find ways to reconcile state efforts to legalize marijuana with their obligation to maintain safe workplaces.

What Risk Managers Need to Know About Preparing for and Responding to Floods

March 14, 2024

These flood preparation and response tips can help organizations mitigate risk before an incident or smoothly navigate the remediation process and maximize recovery.

6 Steps for Creating a Tornado Preparedness Plan

March 12, 2024

As the 2024 tornado season begins, these six steps can help businesses create or strengthen their disaster preparedness plans for tornado risks.

Protecting Facilities Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Risk

March 5, 2024

Carbon monoxide is difficult to detect and potentially fatal. These tips can help organizations protect their people and their premises from CO poisoning risk.

Fortifying Defenses Against Third-Party Cyberrisks

February 29, 2024

To best manage third-party cyberrisks, it is essential to understand their unique nature and the holistic steps companies can and must take to fortify their defenses.

Is Your Company Ready for a Data Breach?

February 27, 2024

Combining a comprehensive response protocol with a well-structured insurance policy can help limit the scope of a cyberattack's impact.

How to Make Cybersecurity Training More Effective

February 20, 2024

By ensuring cybersecurity training is relevant, personalized and presented as an opportunity instead of a burden, risk professionals can help build a stronger cyberrisk management culture.