Katherine Heires

Katherine Heires is a freelance business journalist and founder of MediaKat LLC.

Articles By Author

The Cybersecurity Talent Gap

March 21, 2018

Organizations are facing a shortage of qualified professionals who can address the growing range of cyberrisks.

Technology to the Rescue

December 1, 2017

Organizations are turning to a growing range of technology products to aid in disaster recovery and business continuity efforts.

The Risks of Voice Technology

October 2, 2017

Voice-enabled devices have become increasingly popular, but adopting this technology also means introducing new risks.

The Psychology of Risk

September 1, 2017

Effective crisis management planning requires understanding and overcoming natural human responses to risk.

Flaws in the Data

April 3, 2017

In an era of data-driven decision-making, businesses must avoid the faulty models and algorithms that can poison their results.

Terror Tech

December 1, 2016

From defense contractors to tech startups, a number of companies are creating new technology to deploy in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

Rise of the Robots

September 1, 2016

The latest wave of collaborative robotic technology is coming to the workplace, promising significant rewards for businesses—and introducing new risks.

Downloading Danger: The Growing Threat of Mobile Malware

June 1, 2016

Hackers are increasingly using applications that contain mobile malware to target vulnerable employee smartphones.

The Risks and Rewards of Blockchain Technology

March 1, 2016

The technology behind bitcoin may facilitate new, more secure ways to do business.

Sentiment Analysis: Are You Feeling Risky?

December 1, 2015

Analyzing employees' moods may prevent workplace issues, but it also introduces risk.

The Rebirth of Mesh Networks

October 1, 2015

A legacy crisis management tool may offer an alternative to wireless communication.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

May 1, 2015

As science fiction becomes science fact, companies need to be aware of the risks.

NYC's Former Top Cop Turns Risk Manager

November 1, 2014

Raymond Kelly, former NYPD commissioner, takes his security expertise to the private sector.

Missing Plane Renews Flight Tracking Debate

August 1, 2014

The disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 has spurred efforts to better monitor air traffic

The New Math: Bringing Predictive Analytics into the Mainstream

May 1, 2014

A group of cutting-edge firms are making predictive analytics more accessible and bringing it into the mainstream.

Preparing for the Internet of Things

February 1, 2014

Internet-connected devices are becoming ubiquitous. Now, security needs to follow suit.

N.Y. Regulator Confronts Financial Risks

October 1, 2013

New York regulator Benjamin Lawsky is setting his sights on a variety of insurance and banking issues.

Finance Isn’t Science: Why Wall Street’s Models Will Always Have Limitations

August 29, 2012

Unlike theories that define concepts of physics, financial models are mere approximations of the real world.